Call 360.378.2254 for a Tee-Time

Call 360.378.2254 for a Tee-Time


Member Rates and Fees 2023

New Equity Members incur a one-time ownership certificate fee of $1,200 and receive one (1) equity certificate.

New Associate (Under 35) and Tennis Memberships pay a one-time fee of $99.00

For those who acquire equity certificates, with board approval, directly from another member, there is a $300.00 transfer fee.

Jr. Memberships pay no initiation fee.

Our Memberships are categorized as singles, couples, and families for those with children. There are equity classifications, associate classifications, and Juniors (18 and under). Fees are as follows:

Membership Type Member Dues Maint/Capital Funds Total Yearly Pay Monthly
Equity Single$2,160.00$200 (Paid Separately)$2,360.00$180.00
Equity Couple:$2,700.00$200 (Paid Separately)$2,900.00$225.00
Equity Family:$2,940.00$200 (Paid Separately)$3,140.00$245.00
Assoc. Single:$1,620.00$200 (Paid Separately)$1,820.00$135.00
Assoc. Couple:$2,160.00$200 (Paid Separately)$2,360.00$180.00
Assoc. Family:$2,400.00$200 (Paid Separately)$2,600.00$200.00
18 and Under Golf:
(Age 18 and Under)
$300.00No Fee$300.00$25.00

Additionally, there is a current assessment for new John Deere mowing equipment that will be delivered in mid to late 2023. Members have been, and new members will be assessed in the amount of $1,050.00 if you pay up front or have the option of $20.00 per month for a period of 5 years.

Member DuesYearly
Tennis Only Single:$480.00
Tennis Only Couple:$600.00
Tennis Only Family:$720.00

Children under 24 and living at home are considered under the family fee structure.

The board, at its discretion, may initiate a food and beverage assessment which would be an additional cost.

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